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Retrofit RC6

Machines that are already in use for several years can often be upgraded with little effort. Also conversions of the Production facilities with a focus on new, changed production requirements are often much cheaper than buying a new machine!
Control innovations bring a wealth of economic and technological advantages. These arise primarily from an increase in reliability and uptime, increase productivity by reducing downtime as well as reaching a shorter cycle times. By using state-of-the-art technology ensures simple operation.The cooperation with international well known manufacturers of control allows us to integrate a future-proof, easy to use modern control. This can also be made for older machines with increasingly required components such as quality control, production transparency and documentation.
At the same time by a new control procurement of electronic components and spare parts supply for your machine is secured for the future.

Polystuffer BCS 7x

Our polyester stuffing device BCS 7x assists in the processing of wet polyester by preventing the drying out of the material during processing.

ZETT engineering Injection Unit

Our powerful injection units are perfectly equipped for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements in injection molding technology.

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